Beautiful Waterfalls Videos In The World

The most beautiful waterfall in the world 🏞️ is a natural wonder awe-inspiring beauty capturing what’s best about being alive on this magnificent place we call earth 🌍. Amazing waterfalls in the world beautiful waterfalls around the world… ​

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Since that’s definitely reason enough to plan a trip we’re highlighting more than 20 videos of the most beautiful waterfalls to visit around the world.

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Daniel Triana Music Reviews

Daniel Triana MUSIC


“The Color of Sound” by Daniel TriAna is an exciting and sometimes strange journey into the world of electronic/ambient/techno sound. The CD contains songs that range from short ambient soundscapes to longer driving house/techno/dance pieces. The music is sometimes aggressive, sometimes soothing, sometimes gothic-flavored, sometimes experimental, but always creative, fresh, and modern. Share the vision of Daniel Triana on “The Color of Sound”.

What the press has said about “The Color of Sound”: “I definitely liked this CD … The feel/atmosphere of the music and vocals reminded me of Bauhaus, with a more techno/industrial/ambient flavor … I could see this as a tasty addition to MTV’s AMP show … beautifully layered … very very fine instrumentals … Daniel TriAna could be the American equivalent of Orbital or future Sound of London … the man’s lyrics are wonderful …” – Underground Sound / Camille Juiana

“Very danceable in a Kraftwerk/NIN vein” – Bite Me! / J.

“Daniel TriAna has many different elements to his music … at times it sounds like synth pop, German Electro, House, Ambient.” – Virus / Mike Moran

“Experiments with several different sounds and styles of electronic music, from ambient electronic soundscapes to more aggressive electro … danceable beats … while the music retains a semi-dark nature to it … most bands would reserve this diversity for a side project or another album … TriAna’s music is strong, unique, and subtly addicting.” – The Industrial Bible / Dave

“… ambient soundscapes … coldwave tunnels … and techno madness … I really loved this … a 10 of 10.” – Rivets / Jason

“… bright electronics with a hint of gothic, new wave and dance sensibilities … great upbeat and fun electronics tempered by introspective and romantic lyrics … The Color of Sound is overflowing with colorful and cool music that shows a lot of potential.” – Outburn Magazine / Octavia

“This CD makes one call for the early days when techno was just that — techno. Every bit of this CD is electronically generated, and that’s the beauty of it. Vocals are very nicely recorded and fit in perfectly with the music. Fans of early Depeche Mode and Front 242 type of things will like this. In fact if you are a fan of those aforementioned bands I recommend picking up this CD ‘cos it’s superior to both. Highly recommended to fans of the genre.” – Gajoob Magazine / Gregg Church

“For some reason it blows my mind that anyone or any band can still be creative after over two decades making music but that’s just what New Jersey born Daniel Triana is doing! I happened upon his particular brand of dark, cinematic Electro music via ReverbNation.

My Thoughts/Initial Impression:

I guess it’s the quirky Industrial flavor to his music that grips me, and the fact that one person can be responsible for the creation of music that immediately transports me to a world of action movie sequences and insane drama!

It’s little wonder that he cites Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Portishead and Massive Attack among others! Triana is quite the inspiration I gotta tell ya! Including a Gothic/Alternative band called Bellas Artes prior to his solo career, Triana has worked on many projects. He is definitely at the reigns only enlisting a few guest members when need be.

Reminds Me of:

Depeche Mode, Front 242, Ladytron” / Jason – Legionaire Jukebox




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Shop4aBiz Triana World Travel Music Video

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 Hi, I am Daniel Triana, and I own a local small business in Monmouth County, N.J. Travel Agency. (in the Asbury Park, New Jersey area, Travel Agent)

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Triana World Travel June 2021 All Inclusives promo

Imagine waking up to a gorgeous view on a caribbean beach, relaxing in your very own private swim up suite, playing golf on championship courses or being pampered in a world class spa. These are all the things that you can enjoy at an all inclusive resort and more located in paradise. Jamaica, Dominican republic, St Lucia, Antigua Turks and Caicos. The Bahamas Cancun Los Cabos Puerto Vallarta. To name a few. These resorts range from adults only to family friendly with entertainment for all ages. For a luxurious escape, choose from over the water bungalows or opulent private villas complete with fine dining and a butler who will tend to all your needs with so many choices and destinations. There is an all inclusive resort for every budget and style. Let your cruise planners travel advisor Daniel Triana, help you find the best resort and curate a stress free vacation. Contact me today to book your next all inclusive getaway. Cruise planners, your land and cruise experts.

Fishing The Space Coast Of Florida

, if you’re getting all set to setup a surf cart you most likely do not desire to forget anything.. As soon as you’re ready start browse fishing everything you need should be right at hand. Everyones list will differ somewhat however these are the essentials that ought to be on every list.

If your beach is providing you rip locations, deep V shaped seamless gutters, shallow sand banks and so on then it is the best location for you. Even a novice should begin his/her beach fishing experience from one such beach only. However one ought to not forget tide and weather to take into account as well. It will be definitely turned up to be an extremely pleasant one if you study about all these specifications and then plan your adventure.

And to do that, you basically ‘wheel’ it in, by reeling it in. Now, why is this relatively sound judgment thing so essential? Well, if you got the incorrect reel, there will be no wheeling and no reeling. Just as it is crucial to find the ideal saltwater fishing rod, it is equally essential to discover the best fishing reel saltwater.

The fishing can be downright excellent too. Fortunately is for Sandy Neck anglers, there exists a considerable population of stripers sitting simply off the beach in locations like the “Car park” and the “Fingers.” The schools offshore can, sometimes, be huge.

Casting lures allows you to cover more ground and assists you finding education predators. Likewise continuous casting will improve your accuracy and accuracy.

There are a lot of factors for you to consider day out doing surf fishing. If you are fortunate while surf fishing you will have the ability to capture corbina, perch, bass, stingrays, rockfish and often even the hammerhead sharks. It is likewise among the great alternatives to spend a day out in beach. If you go the beach where there are lots of individuals around then you need to initially locate the location where you do not find too lots of individuals around in the water. It might happen in some cases that sharks can get drawn in right to the shore to get the fresh food. The sharks can not see extremely well and also they frequently error the hanging legs of the internet users off the board to be that of fish or tortoises.

It’s essential to keep perseverance while fishing. Lots of restless anglers move from one area to another which at times makes these individuals miss out on a hotspot even more decreasing the chances of capturing fish. As a guideline of thumb, you require to cast out a number of times before proceeding or before using various types of bait. Follow this recommendations by fishing from the shallowest to the inmost point.

There are very many people that love fishing activity utilizing the fly bait. Overtake them on the Web forums, blog sites, and review websites. Ask questions in online forums and other mediums that enable users to ask what they do not understand. Check out evaluations for different fly fishing bait types too. This will help you discover the aspects that prior users considers when getting a new baiting fly.


Fishing The Area Coast Of Florida

The secret to an effective day browse fishing is what deal with to use and when to utilize it. Don’t waste your time employing techniques that merely will not work for the conditions or the fish you want. Here are my leading surf fishing ideas to enhance your possibilities of landing a fish.

I’m not a bass fisherman. But a good 3/4’s of what enters into the competition bass fishing market, can similarly associate with saltwater world too. Especially when you’re talking seaside, inshore fishing for species like Redfish, Speckled Sea Trout, Flounder, and so on.

These are the standard equipment however you can always add more for your protection too. Some surf fishers may use waders which can likewise include defense from other creatures in the sea such as sting rays. This will likewise safeguard you along with from the cold waters. You can likewise bring with you flashlights or headlamps as surf fishing is frequently done at nighttime to prompt catch the fishes at their feeding time.

No journey to Ogunquit is total without stopping at Perkins Cove. Because of the ease in getting to Ogunquit and Perkins Cove from all over New England, they have actually become a year-round attraction. Whether you’re looking for a lobster roll with french fries, a spicy Bloody Mary, or just to rest your eyes on a charming beach fishing town, this location of Maine is an excellent place to use as a get-away.

For individuals fishing on Langara Island a few of the most popular locations for saltwater fishing include the Rivers Inlet, Campbell River, the Pacific Rim, South Island, and the Gulf Islands. Enthusiasts of freshwater fishing can head to the Cowichan River, North Island, the Stamp and Somass Rivers, the Campbell and Quinsam Rivers, Central Island, Gold River, and Salt Spring Island.

When buying fishing reels is the brand name, another factor to consider that you need to keep in mind. Because it tells a lot about the product, the brand name is essential. A respectable and well-known brand is more most likely to manufacture high quality equipment than an unidentified brand name. When you get a reel that fulfills your expectations, it may be a little more pricey but the rate will be worth it. If you desire to purchase a high quality reel from a popular fishing equipment company, you should have a look at the products made by Daiwa.

If you are preparing a trip to Florida, take a look at our Florida fishing page for additional information on the leading Florida locations, fishing guides, charters, lodging and more.

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Seattle to Houston Family Road Trip

< span style=”shade: rgb (65, 65, 65); font-family: Roboto, “Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 16px;” > A photo was taken every 10 secs with Go Pro Hero 3 Black dashcam. I utilized 3 batteries as well as a car-charger to protect the cam. I video taped NEARLY the entire journey with the exception of a couple of hours driving right into Colorado where the light was poor given that it was nighttime in a remote area. My significant other and I broke up the 38 hours nonetheless I did the majority of the driving. We drove the quickest, flattest path for obvious reasons.

Seattle to Houston