“Song of the Ancients” is Medicine for the Earth and Humanity

“Cosmic Throat Singer” Matthew Kocel has done it again….

His latest release “Song of the Ancients” will transport you to wisdom and memories of ancient times.

The energy emanating from this music and video is so strong it seems the ancestors are communicating with us from a place beyond time.

Use your best headphones or speakers, and prepare a space that is free of distractions.

You can thank me later!

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Sound Healing Music: Canada Based Throat Singer Featured In Dr Joe Dispenza’s Meditation Programs

Dr. Joe Dispenza has worked with some of the top sound healing and meditation music artists in the world, including Grammy award winners Barry Goldstein and Jonathan Goldman.

A global leader in self improvement and healing through meditation, Dispenza has a new “secret weapon” to enhance his guided meditations: Canada based “Cosmic Throat Singer” Matthew Kocel.


“Matthew Kocel’s music is so primal, so rich and beautifully soulful…” Dispenza says, “It touches us on a deep level that opens our hearts.”

Participants at Dispenza’s meditation retreats have been feasting on Matthew Kocel’s music since 2016. Recently Dispenza signed a licensing agreement to deploy Kocel’s songs “Grace” and “Labyrinth” for his recorded meditation programs.

Kocel is currently composing new works to enhance Dispenza’s healing meditations.

As yet undiscovered by music industry insiders and mainstream media, Matthew Kocel has been serenading audiences around the world over the last two decades.

The relative anonymity hasn’t slowed him down.

Performing in a diverse selection of venues from domes, caves and yurts to planetariums, yoga studios, churches and ancient Inca temples, Kocel is clearly a man on a mission.

In 2019 alone his musical travels carried him from Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest to Colorado, Texas, New York, Belgium and France.

He seems to relish the role of renegade musician working outside of the mainstream.

“This music is so hard to categorize” Kocel says, “I can understand why it hasn’t been promoted by the music industry or press…But the effect it has on anyone sincerely willing to give it a deep listen is consistent and undeniable.”

Audience testimonials of extra-ordinary experiences while listening to his music have been well documented online.

If you’re curious, Matthew Kocel is offering “3 Days of Healing Music” for free at https://OmShaman.com.

The title track to his third album Song of the Ancients goes live on Spotify, Apple and all streaming services April 16, 2021. Access to this entire groundbreaking album is exclusively available to people in his email or social media community.

Canadian Throat Singer Shares Healing Music in France

Based in Vancouver, BC Matthew Kocel is recognized as a leader in the world sound healing movement.

 Having just returned to his home after a tour of New York, Connecticut, France and Belgium, he is preparing for a Colorado tour in July 2019.

Throat singing or overtone singing is a method of manipulating vocal sounds in the body to amplify the harmonics, or overtones that are already present in the voice. Mathew Kocel’s sound draws on influences from Tibetan, Tuvan & Mongolian throat singers as well as European overtone singers.

Accompanied by simple acoustic instruments, his songs create the framework within which listeners can attain insight, peace, inner travel and spontaneous realizations.

Interestingly, Matthew says his main instrument is his heart, which influences the feelings and information carried by his voice.

Matthew Kocel continues to travel across the world to share this music he calls “medicine for the Earth and the heart of humanity’. Thus far his travels have taken him across the US and Canada, Costa Rica, Peru, France, Belgium and soon…Tibet.


Sound Healing and Meditation Demystified When I Heard This…




“…it was clear that something wonderful was happening. I was being moved by sound, my whole body was light and vibrating.” – Vancouver Yoga Review


“…truly, and without question, unique. [Kocel’s music] is a thing of spiritual beauty… best experienced in meditation or healing…” – Whats Up! Magazine



Vancouver, BC based throat singer Matthew Kocel is being recognized as an emerging leader in the world sound healing movement. Kocel combines Tuvan/Tibetan throat singing and European overtone singing in a free form, contemplative style that some say sounds like Tuvan throat singers, Tibetan monks and Eddie Vedder jamming in heaven.


Kocel simply calls it “healing music for a world at the threshold”.


How can music or sound be “healing”? Everyone knows music can move you in profound ways – even shift your whole outlook instantly. The medical profession has been using ultrasound for years, music therapy is practiced in hospitals and hospice worldwide, and sound healing is being recognized as helpful for cancer patients in reducing stress and aiding pain management.


Kocel says “Ultimately, the body is equipped to heal itself. The ancients knew everything in the universe is in a state of vibration, and quantum physics has shown this to be true. Subatomic particles aren’t really “particles” at all, but vibrating fields of energy. So when we use sound in a conscious, intentional manner it is possible to access a deeper knowing within that everything is truly connected; all is one. This deeper knowing goes beyond a mental concept when you can actually feel it in your body.”


Apparently people from all walks of life are feeling it. Tom Lich, Assistant Music Director at Mile Hi Church in Colorado says “The sound is heard but it is so much more than auditory; it is experienced in the body… I have no earthly idea how he generates the sounds and overtones from his throat; it is mesmerizing and draws you in as only the human voice can… Matthew Kocel is in a league all his own.”


Clearly something is going on here. “Perhaps when you are able to fully relax and take a detached view of your life, you gain perspective and a deeper understanding. You feel peaceful.” Kocel says.


Who wouldn’t want that?

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“Grace” Healing Sound Bath Meditation Music by Matthew Kocel

Our ancient ancestors understood that everything in the universe is
essentially vibration.

It is no coincidence that ancient healers and medicine people would use
sound and music to help us heal our bodies, deepen our relationship
with nature and communicate with the spiritual realm.

This melody came to Matthew Kocel after 6 years of trial and struggle came to
resolution and he was finally accepted as a legal permanent resident of

When Matthew and his (Canadian) wife took a day to explore and celebrate, this
melody began to play in his head, over and over.

He says this is how most of his songs come to him.

Sometimes simplicity displays the most eloquence in our world.


No artificial sounds were used in this recording…
It is 100% organic.

“Grace” was created entirely with Matthew’s voice and one acoustic instrument –

Close your eyes, take some slow, deep breaths and let this healing
meditation music carry you to your deepest sanctuary of peace.

Wishing you grace. Grace for humanity.

Grace for the sacred web of life on planet Earth.

“Grace” is the title song to Matthew Kocel’s last album. It is available for
download as well as his first album “The Vision” at