Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR: a concept of the future inspired by ‘Avatar’ that drives with the mind

A technology that can already be tested

Selecting our destination in the navigator by thought control, choosing the ambient light in the interior or changing the radio station are just some of the possibilities offered by the brain-computer interface (BCI): a new form of control and person-vehicle interaction, in the purest style of the protagonists of Avatar.

While it is true that BCI applications will not be available in everyday life in the near future, they are no longer mere science fiction. In the field of medical research, for example, they are already seen as a viable option that could help people with physical disabilities to become more independent.

At the VISION AVTR booth at the Munich Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz is offering the opportunity to test for the first time a preview of how BCI technology would work in a vehicle.

The user simply attaches the BCI device to the back of his or her head and after a minute-long calibration process, the device analyzes and measures his or her brain waves and activates a defined function. The stronger the concentration, the greater the neural activity and therefore the faster and more effective the interaction.

Thus, you can experience firsthand what it would be like to control a vehicle interface with your thoughts and interact with it in real time. BCI technology works completely independently of speech and touch, opening up revolutionary possibilities for the future.

In addition, instead of a conventional steering wheel, the VISION AVTR has a multifunctional control element in the center console that can also be tested: by placing the hand on the control, the interior comes to life and the vehicle recognizes the passenger by his or her heart rate.

With the development of the voice assistant that the brand has dubbed ‘Hey Mercedes’ and the MBUX Hyperscreen concept, Mercedes-Benz is already working to radically simplify vehicle operation, but BCI technology goes one step further.

According to Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Group Research, “it can enable the user to focus even more on the driving experience.” The biometric connection enables a completely new interaction between man and machine, but also with nature.

The name of this concept that mimics the neural connection between the Na’vi stands for “advanced vehicle transformation” and with its elongated arc-shaped design and the use of sustainable and recycled materials in the interior, it embodies the vision of Mercedes-Benz designers, engineers and trend researchers for mobility in the distant future.

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Play Some MTG Card Games

The Birth And Increasing Popularity Of Trading Card Games

Almost fifteen years ago trading card video games hit the world and since it has actually remained on the top with much of the more youthful generation people in this world. Considering that their invention, trading card video games have actually swept throughout the world, producing fans at every turn. The diversity of the video games is the most significant draw, generating crowds of people to their ranks every year. Tournaments and clubs have actually emerged and draw thousands through the doors with the promise of a difficult and long match.

The leader of this phenomenon is the ever popular Magic the Gathering. Based largely on the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game, Magic was a sure fire hit for the youths of the world. Combing all they enjoyed about D and D, however in a a lot easier to use and play format, Magic worked its magic with the masses and became an over night success. Individuals gathered to the shops to get the cards as they were brought out. Gaggles of teenagers organized together to play the video game and shops that handled nothing more than Magic cards started to open to hungry customers. The cards themselves are offered like baseball cards, in big sets or little packs. Everyone is interested in constructing their deck to the optimal power.

Trading card games are still extremely popular to this day. Substantial collections have been generated, some of which have worths that exceed any other card game presently known.

The standard premise of a trading card video game is simple. The cards are comprised of character things, cards and powers. Each person chooses the deck they will have fun with and the cards are shuffled at random prior to play starts. The rest of the game is played similar to may other card games, where cards are set out and the winner is more powerful. The rounds continue until one or the other has actually been beat. The method is based exclusively on the cards that each gamer has in a deck. For the most part the players depend on the strength of specific cards in the deck to end up being the winner, but in the end there is a lot of luck that enters into play. Since the cards are drawn at random no gamer knows what will follow to keep all of it really reasonable.

Some of the cards became really unusual in the early goings but can now be had for a couple of dollars or less. This is the case with a lot of the various trading card video games. Numerous of them began out with a lot of appeal and because of some creative manufacturing, a lot of rare cards.

Simply about fifteen years ago trading card games struck the world and ever since it has actually stayed on leading with many of the younger generation people in this world. Gaggles of teens grouped together to play the game and shops that dealt with nothing more than Magic cards began to open to starving customers. The cards themselves are offered like baseball cards, in big sets or small packs. The cards are made up of character powers, things and cards. The rest of the game is played similar to might other card video games, where cards are laid out and the winner is stronger.

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