Horror Short Film | Scary Short Films compilation

Today Horrorer like to share another 3 very nice Horror Short Film and with a amazing story.

The first Horror Short Film is De Noche (By Night), the story is about during a rainy night, Mia works on her thesis when she is visited by a mysterious figure.

Original Video from:

De Noche – Cortometraje de Terror – Horror Short Film

By Nahuel Soria 

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The second horror short film is Inverso, the story is about after a day of partying, a guy is about to get his car out of a public parking lot, but something scary happens…

Original video from:

Inverso (Scary Horror Short Film!!!)

By KRISTONKINO [Donosskino Fest & Short Films]

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The third horror short film is 12, the story is about three teenagers go back into their old school to film a documentary on the students that had gone missing. Little did they know the dead still haunted the halls of Ridgewood High…

Original video from:

12 – A Horror Short Film

By Noah Watson

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