Donkey Kong Country Ice Cave Chant Remix ▸ Ice Bells Are Ringing (Christmas Mix)

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Christmas Remix of the Ice Cave Chant Song from Donkey Kong Country! Just in time for the holiday. Sit back and relax as those crystal bells and tingly Donkey Kong Country Ice Cave Chant melodies bring the holiday cheer with classic video game music by David Wise. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

The Ice Cave Chant has been extended into many remixes and has restored the theme from remake to remix. Originally I thought I would do an orchestra track but the bells just seemed to work better and instead of making a DJ friendly mix I made something more suited for a remake of the Donkey Kong country Ice Caves

Dave Wise has always been a huge inspiration to me and since his Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack is loved by millions, I thought I’d give the Ice Cave Chant tune a go as an extended Christmas Remix.

Donkey Kong Country Ice Cave Chant Christmas Remix by bLiNd

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Translated titles:

スーパードンキーコングIceCaveChantRemix▸IceBellsAreRinging(Christmas Mix)

Donkey Kong Country Ice Cave Chant Remix ▸ Ice Bells Are Ringing (Christmas Mix)

Donkey Kong Country Ice Cave Chant Remix ▸ Ice Bells Are Ringing (Рождественский м

Donkey Kong Country Ice Cave Chant Remix ▸ Ice Bells Are Ringing (Christmas Mix)

Esel Kong Country Ice Cave Gesang Remix ▸ Eisglocken läuten (Weihnachtsmix)

Donkey Kong Country Ice Cave Chant Remix ▸ Ice Bells Are Ringing (Christmas Mix)

Remix de canto da caverna de gelo country de Donkey Kong ▸ Sinos de gelo estão tocando (mistura d

गधा काँग देश बर्फ गुफा जप रीमिक्स s आइस

Donkey Kong Country Ice Cave Chant Remix ▸ أجراس الجليد ترن (مزيج عيد الم

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