How to get your videos seen on YouTube – EASILY! 5 Top tips!

With over 400 hours of video uploaded every minute onto YouTube, how to get your videos seen on YouTube is becoming a hot topic!

Why Marketing on YouTube is Vital for Business in 2021 23e9.svg

The stats around YouTube are mind-boggling!

  • Almost 2 Billion monthly users
  • 2nd Most used search engine to Google
  • Owned by Google and therefore videos get favoured in SERPs
  • 2nd Most visited site in the world
  • 400 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • 5 Billion videos watched daily
  • Yet, only 9% of businesses use YouTube

If you have a business and are not using video as part of your marketing mix, then you are missing out.

One of the main benefits of using YouTube is it is a FREE TRAFFIC source for your business.

Once you have uploaded your video, it will continue to drive traffic to your website or offer forever! Not only that, you can build your brand, your personality and truly connect with your clients using video. The question therefore is not just about creating great content – but also ensuring that content gets seen by your target audience. The key to this is two-fold.

Firstly, ensure you do your research for the ideal long-tail keywords.

Secondly, learn how to optimise your video for search engine ranking.

In this post we are assuming you have your keyword sorted, and are going to focus on…

How to get your videos seen on YouTube – EASILY!

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“You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t”

F.O.C.U.S. is an acronym for: Follow One Course Until Successful

This is brilliant! in the digital world there are many shiny objects that distract us – the next free traffic method, or how to make Facebook ads work, or how YouTube is where it’s at, or this, or that. It is so easy to become distracted. I was too, before starting the programme I am now following – like a religion! With 4 different To Do lists, for all my different initiatives, I kept telling myself I was organised and could do them all.

You know what? I’m not superman!

There, I’ve said it! I’m normal, average, probably fairly similar to you. I’ve made lots of mistakes, learnt from most of them. I have also had some successes, some big, some not so. I have my share of friends, and I’ve lost some too. And the thing is, now I am on this one course, one path, going in one direction I know what it truly means to focus. That is why I know I will succeed.

In our efforts to succeed, the more we focus, the more likely we are to achieve our goals.

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How to Determine Expenses for Leasing a Retail Area

Are you opening your first retail business in a physical location?Congratulations! We appreciate

that a newbie company owner might not be in a position to purchase. That is exactly why you require to consider properties for lease.Regardless of the kind of service you run, retail area for lease or restaurant lease, for example, you require to comprehend which are the costs to think about. Unlike residential lease agreements, commercial residential or commercial properties for lease are open for negotiation. Subsequently, a solid understanding of how lease expenses are calculated can assist you through the process.If you are a new property owner and are in the procedure of putting your residential or commercial properties up for lease, this guide can likewise clarify some of the most important terms and structures.Here, at Vesper Real estate, we are devoted to making real estate more accessible for our customers in

Metro Detroit, Michigan. That’s why we have actually compiled a short introduction of the costs that are represented in a lease contract. Company space for rent near me, where to discover it?For brand-new merchants or dining establishment owners, evaluating startup expenses 


can be challenging. Your organization strategy needs you to estimate a variety of expenses to evaluate whether your store or restaurant service is viable. These costs include your rental expenses.We often see new entrepreneurs connecting at the start of their business journey, asking: How can I discover a budget-efficient building for lease near me? Our Vesper Real estate specialists are really familiar with that question.The area of your retail area will impact the expense. Undoubtedly, a popular location accessible via mass transit or highway is most likely to drive a high step.

Subsequently, you can anticipate to find more expensive retail leases in or around hectic locations, such as a shopping mall.On the other hand, a dining establishment lease in a remote location that does not lie close to major paths is most likely to use a more affordable base rent. Nevertheless, a pricey website that attracts numerous visitors also causes high profits.In other words, it can be easier for brand-new services to make it through in a busy place and remain in a position to pay for the suitable costs.We always advise entrepreneur to run service pan computations for different locations.

Undoubtedly, a cost-friendly lease in a remote part of town might affect development and revenues, ending up being unaffordable in the long term.

For that reason, it can assist approximate how much clientele you can expect in each area to run an accurate cost comparison.Different lease types based upon your organization As soon as you have gained a better understanding of how the choice of area can impact your expense and service practicality, the next step is to acquaint yourself with the different lease types.You are most likely to come throughout 4 primary kinds of lease: Gross

lease Double or Triple web lease Customized net lease Percentage lease Single net lease is less regular contracts that are typically suitable for various industrial purposes and businesses.Properties for lease using a gross lease arrangement tend to host professional services

companies, These include consultancy or accounting. In a gross lease

, the proprietor winds up being accountable for the majority of operating expenses

. The occupant pays the monthly rent and a split of maintenance expenses for typical areas. When you develop your retail service in an expert services specific niche market in

an existing structure, you may have the ability to negotiate a gross lease agreement.The double net and triple net leases require the occupant to spend for some operating expenses. In a double net lease, the tenant pays taxes and insurance coverage, while a triple net lease agreement likewise adds maintenance costs. You might even discover an absolute lease circumstance in which the tenant is financially accountable for the entire structure. Landlords will prefer these lease arrangements for retail businesses that rely greatly on energies, such as shops that likewise produce items on site.The modified net lease sits between a gross lease and a triple net lease. In this constellation, business is expected to pay a percentage of the operating expense after the very first year of activities. It can be a smart option for organizations such as dining establishments that might gain from a year or more to construct profitability.Finally, the percentage lease adds a percentage of your monthly sales volumes to the base rent. You are most likely to come throughout these in large shopping center that provide specific retail space for lease.How do homes for lease express costs?Understanding which type of lease contract your property manager looks for and which expenses are negotiable as part of your agreement will provide an indicator of costs. You are not likely to have the very same rental costs with a portion lease vs. a gross lease arrangement, for instance.You likewise need to think about how your proprietor determines particular

rental expenses, such as the rent per square foot. Usually, your lease draft includes a cost set at a specific quantity in $per square foot. The rent per square foot is expressed either as a month-to-month or a yearly cost.Another element that affects the computation is the method the proprietor calculates

a percentage lease. Certainly, the property owner can use the percentage over a base amount, indicating that the tenant just pays a percentage of gross invoices over a pre-agreed amount. Percentage of gross receipts calculations don’t set a fundamental income, so the tenant

is always expected to pay a part of gross invoices. What are the other costs in my retail space for lease?As discussed, your lease contract will specify which expenses are at your charge or are the proprietor’s responsibility. Before signing your lease, it is a good concept to ask

how much your costs will be. During this step, you can connect to insurance brokers, constructing maintenance operations, and local authorities to budget plan your expenses. Your property owner can likewise offer information and estimates.Depending on your lease, you want to understand how much to spending plan for the list below components: Insurance coverage real estate tax Upkeep repair work Security Parking Regional annoyance laws Energies Modifications With over 25 years of experience assisting proprietors


and renters, our Vesper Realty team mores than happy to answer your questions concerning homes for lease. Whether you are an occupant or a property manager, do not be reluctant to get in touch to bring your service to the next level.

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Picking the right Northern Michigan Painter

Every home will eventually need a new coat of paint. When a homeowner decides to have their home painted, it is extremely important that they find a Northern Michigan residential painting company who is competent and will do a good job, but who will also offer top-rate customer service. Good painters and painting companies, like Pro Paint Co., will go the extra mile to make sure that the customer is satisfied with the work completed on their home.

Northern Michigan residential painting companies run the gamut. They will offer a variety of services and at different prices. They may also require different things of the customer. For instance, some companies will ask the customer to move their furniture while others will move most of the furniture themselves.

It is important that individuals learn what questions to ask potential Northern Michigan residential painting companies before hiring them. While the following isn’t a comprehensive list, it is a good place to start. Individuals should ask painting companies the following:


What are your prices? This is a question that should be asked upfront. Determining the price as soon as possible will help avoid wasting both the customer’s and the painting company’s time. If a Bay Area residential painting company’s prices are too expensive, a person needs to keep looking until they find one that fits their budget.


What is included in your price? It will also be necessary to learn what is included in the painting company’s price. Hidden fees can quickly drive up the price and can make a seemingly affordable job quite expensive. The customer needs to find out exactly what’s included in the price.


How long will it take you to complete the work? Homeowners need to figure out how long it will take the painting company time to complete the work so that they can schedule their lives accordingly. Because it is likely that a person or family will need to make adjustments, it is important that they know how long the job will take. It would also be helpful to know if they will work during the weekends or off hours to complete the job, if needed.


Will you move the furniture or will I have to? This is a very important question, especially for someone who is older and who would subsequently have trouble moving furniture on their own. The same is true of someone who lives alone and who would have a difficult time finding help. Individuals who know that they will have a tough time moving large pieces of furniture may want to opt for a company that will handle this.

Getting these questions answered is important before hiring a Northern Michigan residential painting company. Having the right answers will enable you to choose between the various painting contractors in the area. This will ensure your painting job is done to your satisfaction and within your budget.

Pro Paint Co., a full service Painting Company in Grayling Michigan that service northern Michigan for the last 25yrs. By hiring Pro paint Co. you have nothing to worry about from start to finish.  Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your painting project. 

Pro Paint Co.
10190 Beech Terrace
Grayling, MI 49738
(989) 619-9874

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What is TubeBuddy for YouTube 🤔 and is it really your best friend?

Who doesn’t love YouTube?

We all do, and as part of your digital marketing strategy, it really is a must have! You need video in your arsenal, especially now, more than ever, as so many people are choosing video to consume content instead of reading. Some of the stats around this are incredible – but the one that is making me really take notice is:


85% of all global internet traffic will be from video streaming and downloads within the next 2 years! OMG! That is huge!

What is TubeBuddy for YouTube

Shocking Report the Gurus Don’t Want You to Read Reveals Why You’ll Never Succeed Online!

Why you’ll never succeed online report review.

Ok, so why should you download yet another free report?

I though it best to write a review about ‘Why you’ll never succeed online’ This is the report I am offering you, so that you can understand if it is worth you getting it! You know, like a try-before-you-buy sort of thing – although it is free! However, if you have read my other post about why free is not always best, I think you’ll agree I should give you this insider look first to be totally transparent with you! 1f606.svg

My first point is that being honest is much better than constantly hyping things up!

There are a lot of people out there who every week find the new ‘best thing ever’. Well that simply is not true. You cannot continually have the best thing, day in, day out. So if it is good, say it is good. If it’s great, then say so, and if it is rubbish, well the less said the better – but say it is poor of course! All the time you should be giving your reasons too – don’t just say it’s good because you want to promote it. And similarly don’t troll or trash something needlessly. Be fair, be honest.

Inside the report, we note that there is a lot of rubbish out there. There are products and programmes that are too complicated to ever get going.

We also, note that get rich schemes are fools gold. You need to work at something real to become successful. And work hard and consistently at it too.

This report covers…

social media marketing for dummies

Custom Envelopes and the Many Various Options

Our envelopes

At Pilgrim Printing, we offer a range of envelopes in different sizes, designs and colors. We can develop custom printed designs for companies and unique occasions, and we likewise produce massive orders for business keen to send marketing products in top quality envelopes. Our range consists of:

A7 envelopes

A7 envelopes are among the most common types of envelope. With this practical, useful envelope, you can send letters, folded newsletters, and postcards. You can select from a series of colors and include an individual touch if you’re eager to elevate your envelope to the next level. From fundamental, understated envelopes to eye-catching alternatives for a themed occasion, we can accommodate your specific needs and preferences.Printed envelopes Envelope printing provides a raft of benefits for

entrepreneur, in addition to organizations and consumers preparing either public or personal occasions. With our top quality printing services, we can add personal touches to help you promote your brand, send a message to visitors, or make your correspondence stand apart in the crowd.Fancy envelopes In a lot of cases, when you send a letter, an average envelope will do

the task. Nevertheless,

there may be times when an uninteresting brown envelope simply won’t suffice. If you remain in the middle of preparing the party of the decade or the wedding event of the year, you don’t want your gorgeous invite to be wrapped in a basic envelope.fancy envelopes that feature various colors, typefaces and

designs will stand out, turn heads and get individuals excited about what’s inside. If you are organizing an event, and you have a style, creating a customized envelope is a great method to drop hints or to let visitors understand what the style remains in advance!Business envelopes It takes the typical human being just 7 seconds to

develop a viewpoint

. In business, you do not constantly get a second possibility, so taking full advantage of those very first couple of seconds is vital. You might not think that an envelope might seal a deal, however if you’re sending a letter or a brochure, your client will see the envelope prior to they begin checking out the service or products you’re providing. A smart, aesthetically-pleasing, great quality envelope will ensure you set the right tone.Business envelopes can likewise help you promote your brand name and encourage people to open their mail if you’re using marketing

products like leaflets, newsletters, pamphlets or brochures. A jazzy, vibrant or intriguing envelope could make the difference between the recipient opening the envelope or throwing it on a pile of unopened mail!Invitation envelopes Sending invitations is an important part of planning any type of occasion. From weddings and service occasions to birthday celebrations and launch nights, choosing a

custom envelope is an excellent way to make your invite stand out. This will assist to make the most of the chances of visitors and prospective clients opening your mail and to create a buzz around the event!If you’ve invested time and money in developing sensational invites, it makes good sense to complete the look and carry the style with a coordinating envelope.Custom wedding envelopes There are couple of things more amazing for couples who

are preparing to tie the knot than sealing envelopes and sending out invites! Seeing names and dates and after that hearing back from thrilled family and friends who have received their invites in the mail makes whatever real.Many couples take note of developing unique invites for their wedding, however what about the envelopes? You do not want to cover a magnificent, custom-made invitation in a low-cost, plain or boring envelope. You can use your imagination and our great printing services to develop top quality, unique envelopes that offer the ideal ending up touch!We offer colored envelopes in a series of sizes, we can develop personalized envelopes and we can include information and touches to celebrate a style.

Custom presentation folders with pockets and other folders for all your company requires

What Are Custom-made Presentation Folders

Custom-made presentation folders– likewise called pocket folders– are lovely, bespoke branded pouches you can use to collate marketing products. We print them on the inside and outside, adding handy die-cut shapes that neatly gather loose-leaf paper.Most companies include their

logo and colors on the folder, but the design is completely up to you. You might develop something unique for a particular occasion or customer or something more generic– the choice depends completely on your marketing strategy.The objective of these folders is

to develop a great impression of your company. By utilizing them, you instantly present yourself as a professional. Plus, you make all the documents inside more appealing and engaging, motivating your audience to read them.Thus, customized discussions folders are a financial investment in

your business, much like any other set of marketing products. Why Use Customized Presentation Folders Although your service might have digital aspirations, 

eventually, you’ll discover yourself giving in-person presentations, either to clients, lending institutions, or colleagues. At that point, you’ll require something physical that you can give out that contains all your paperwork and advertising product. You might utilize a plain folder, but that would be a missed opportunity.Why offer people something generic when professionally-printed marketing folders are a lot better?Remember, digital marketing can only take your marketing so

far. Often you’ll require to use the power of genuine interactions to move your organization forward. And that’s where printed single

pocket folders can help.Here we discuss a few of the factors for utilizing custom-made discussion folders in more detail.Saving On Your Promotional Expenses Marketing to large audiences is pricey for small businesses. You frequently wind up spending a great deal of cash with

little to reveal for it. Because of that, you need to use synergies any place you can.

One method to do that is to utilize your folders to promote your business rather of handing out separate flyers or printed sheets.Increased Sales The entire function of providing presentations is to increase sales. You want to make people as interested as possible in your company, convincing them of your worth and getting them to part with their money, whether they are personal customers or business clients.Provide More Details In time-limited interactions, it can be challenging to get all of your ideas and concepts across. You might just have a couple of minutes to make a pitch, describe yourself in a lecture, or make a sales presentation! And this means you can come away with the sensation that you somehow sold individuals short.Better Branding Eventually

, marketing folders are everything about

branding. They’re something you can contribute to your existing stack of materials to forecast your company persona, developing something your customers can relate to.Organize Your Promotional Products While numerous business count on digital innovation to communicate their concepts, it includes risks.

Discussion software application, the internet, and projectors don’t constantly work (as anybody who has actually done public speaking in the past will testify). Promote Yourself To Talented Prospective Workers Finally, marketing folders are likewise useful for

laying out the case for working for your company to prospective employees.Types Of Presentation Folders There is a variety of various discussion folders offered, depending on the kind of marketing, presenting, or outreach you plan to do. A number of these are variations on the standard manila single-pouch design.Standard folders. These folders are perfect for anybody looking for a simple solution for storing products. Usually, A4-sized these offer cardboard protection at the front and an internal pouch to hold all papers inside.Reinforced folders.

These presentation folders are heavy-duty. They’re ideal for any organization distributing presentation materials outdoors or on building sites.Tri-panel folders. Tri-panel folders are identical to standard folders except for the extra leaf. Businesses that wish to

offer extra images, such as realty brokers, find this kind of folder helpful.Tab folders. Do you have a great deal of information you require to arrange? If so, you could take advantage of tab folders– a special type of folder that offers a little protruding tab so consumers can snap to pertinent product quickly.Mini folders. Possibly you don’t have a big quantity of material, or the basic A4 format isn’t suitable for your application. If so, then tiny folders are ideal. These provide area for little inserts, such as wedding event schedules and even restaurant menus.Custom Discussion Folders For All Your Company Needs Are you trying to find “local printing shop near me?

” We provide presentation folder printing to assist your marketing. You can get a variety of customer pocket folders for virtually any application you can imagine. Contact us today to learn more about the alternatives

available to you.

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How to start an online business from home in 5 simple steps.

Lots of us have had the dream of working for ourselves from home, and building an online business. In fact, the dream often expands to working from anywhere – so you could be travelling the globe whilst still ‘working from home’. The epitome of working on your own terms! Where you want, when you want and how much you want.

So how do you start an online business from home? Where exactly do you begin?

The 5 steps are:

  1. Research
  2. Choose your business model
  3. Build and optimise your website
  4. Ensure you meet all legal requirements
  5. Drive traffic to your site

My overall recommendation on how to start an online business from home

Learn from someone who has already achieved it in the area you are interested in. Grab a coach or a mentor, and learn from them. This is truly the best way to achieve your goals. Teaching yourself and trying your best is good, but will only get you so far and probably take years and years to achieve. However, if someone has already done what you want to achieve, and they are willing to teach you – why wouldn’t you invest in yourself and get there quicker and more efficiently. You’ve heard of the phrase, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants…

If you speak to the most successful people, they always say time is your most precious resource. By investing in yourself, you save time, and start earning sooner. Consider Roger Federer – the best tennis player in the world, he has a coach (well a few actually); or Lewis Hamilton, he has a coach. Or in business, Tony Robbins has a coach! I am a coach myself, and guess what, I have a mentor too!

To be successful you need someone to guide you, challenge you and inspire you to greater things. A good mentor will keep you on track, and be honest to yourself. They will be a sounding board you can trust. A confidant and a resource of knowledge.

how to start a small business online

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