Safe Co-Sleeping for Babies and New Parents With Baby Side Bed

For new parents, being close to their baby is a priority.
That includes being close to the baby during sleeping hours. The notion of
co-sleeping refers to sleeping with your baby close to you, often with a reach
of your arm. Co-sleeping generally means the baby is near, but in a different
bed, a baby side bed.

More parents have been adopting this practice of
co-sleeping, with the infants sleeping nearby in a baby side bed. This aligns
with the guidelines set out by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which
advises parents not to sleep with a new baby IN a parent’s bed, for obvious
reasons. Let’s look at some of the benefits of co-sleeping arrangements.

Benefits of Co-Sleeping

Ideally, as a baby sleeps in a bedside sleeper next to the
parents’ bed, the baby receives feelings of comfort, security and reassurance.
Having the baby near to the parents’ bed gives the parents the ability to calm
the baby without having to stand up and walk over to an unattached crib across
the room or in another room.

Also, as both baby and parents sleep more soundly, this
shared sleep provides benefits to both. The parent is at arm’s length in order
to calm the baby if it awakes, and slowly massage the baby back to sleep. The
baby gains a more balanced development in the early months of life, without
sleep anxieties or other issues arising.

Find the Right baby side bed

At babybay, we take co-sleeping very seriously. Our babybay baby
side bed is one of the leading co-sleeping beds made for infants, and it’s
largely because of the high attention of quality materials we put into the bed.

We make our babybay beds with untreated solid beech wood.
This means the wood is untreated, made from sustainably managed forests, and is
pollutant-free. Our babybay bed features 10 different adjustable height
positions, giving parents the flexibility to adjust to the parent bed size. If
you want to move the babybay around your living space, you can also pick up an optional
side safety gate and castor wheels set for extra mobility.

If you’re a new parent, you owe it to yourself to check out
a new babybay baby side bed. Our beds are solid and durable, and the quality
wood design enhances the bedroom’s aesthetics. The co-sleeper can also be
turned into a bassinet bed or play crib as your baby grows. Learn more about
the babybay baby side bed today.

From Bedside Sleeper to Baby Bassinet

Your baby has been sleeping peacefully in their babybay bedside
sleeper but now you – Mom – are ready to find a new use for your sleeper. You’d
love to use your sleeper and turn it into a freestanding baby bassinet. This may become an enclosed
space for your darling little one to simply hang out near you, or nap nearby,
during the day or evening.

Well, you can have this, if you already have a bedside sleeper.
Our wooden guard rail is all you need to keep your baby purring happily near
you. We call it the Bassinet Conversion Kit, and you can order it separately as
an accessory to your babybay bedside sleeper.

When you’re ready to make this move, it’s simple to convert
your babybay bedside sleeper into a baby bassinet. Simply order our bassinet
conversion kit to convert your babybay from a bedside sleeper to a
standalone baby bassinet.

The protective wooden guard rail fits onto the open side of
your bedside sleeper. It uses wooden locking clips, so it’s able to withstand
any holding and pulling by your baby.

Using the guard rail to enclose the sleeper and turn it into
a convertible baby bassinet for your baby can help gently move your
baby away from the parental bed and further toward naptime sleeping independence
after a few months. When that independent sleep time period happens is up to
the parents to decide, of course. But when the time is right, having the guard
rail to convert your sleeper into a bassinet will give you the assurance you
need to know your baby always sleeps safely.

It’s easy to add the babybay
bassinet conversion kit wooden guard rail to your existing babybay
bedside sleeper. All you have to do is simply add it to your cart on our
shopping page, order it, and we’ll ship it to you quickly. Order a bassinet
conversion guard rail today and have relief on seeing your baby sleeping
peacefully during the day or night.

Learn more on our website

Get Better Rest for the Whole Family with Baby Bedside Sleeper

We know you want the best for your newborn. That’s why babybay offers an all-natural %LINK% made from solid wood — with no toxic wood glues, cheap fillers, plastics, or other harmful chemicals. Next to your arms, the baby crib is where your newborn spends the most of his or her time…don’t you think you should give them the best?

Our baby bedside sleepers are handcrafted in Germany out of locally sourced beech wood, which is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-static.  Our beechwood is sustainably sourced which means, for every tree we use, we plant another. babybay is invested not only in making the first years of your child’s life safe and comfortable but in building a brighter, more sustainable future for your child. As a leading provider of baby life products, social responsibility is at the forefront of all our actions and product decisions.  Our baby bedside sleeper also has the highest ratings in health and safety.

Check out our website for more information on our baby bedside sleeper and accessories. 

The 7 Big Things About How To Search For Beats

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Turner Syndrome In Babies: Symptoms, Causes, Pictures & More 2021

  • This blog post is a quick outline on turner syndrome, also
    know as monosomy X or congenital ovarian hypoplasia syndrome. This is a genetic
    disorder which only affects females and is caused by a missing X chromosome. We
    will be looking at what symptoms turner syndrome can cause and what treatment
    is available for it. Turner-Syndrome-In-Babies-Symptoms-Causes-Pictures-More-910x1024.jpg

  • Turner syndrome is found in 2000 – 2500 females around the
    world is associated with short stature. The syndrome is rarely inherited and is
    due to defects in the formation of the embryo during pregnancy. In cases of
    normal birth a baby is born with 46 chromosomes and in females the 23rd
    pair consist of two X chromosomes. In the case of monosomy x TS, either the
    male sperm or the female egg fails to produce the 23rd chromosome
    which results in the embryo missing an X chromosome. There is another type of
    Turner syndrome called Mosaic TS in which the embryo does receive 46
    chromosomes but during cell division some cells may be not receive the x
    chromosome, in this case the symptoms will be milder and will depend on what
    part of the X chromosome is missing. 

  • The symptoms of Turner syndrome may differ from one girl to
    another, as mentioned above the main symptom is short stature and in babies it
    will show in decreased growth percentiles between four and six. There are many
    other symptoms of TS, for example a few are feeding problems during early
    stages in life, skeletal problems, low set ears, webbing of the neck, puffy
    hands and feet and repeated ear infection.

  • According to reports it is estimated that 90% of girls will
    suffer ovarian failure yet if diagnosed early, TS does not stop them from
    living a normal life. Unfortunately there is no cure for Turner syndrome
    because it is a chromosomal disorder yet with early interventions of therapies
    such as growth hormones therapy and estrogen therapy will  with help with long term effects of TS.



Family Stress During COVID-19 – ChildrensMD

Advice for family stress in a covid-19 pandemic



The Corona virus pandemic has been a very stressful and
challenging time for everyone. Life has changed as we know it and it is hard to
comes to term with a new way of life for instance a lot more people are working
from home with their children also home-schooling. This is a very stressful
situation. Lets have a look at some ways this stress could be managed.

Conflict and arguments are going to happen when everyone is
sharing the same space, not do feel guilty if your children get on your nerves.
Taking some time out if possible will help you breath and rethink your reactions
to your children’s behaviour. You could try techniques such as finding some
space,  this could even be hiding the
toilet! And counting to ten with deep breaths. Stepping away or going for a
walk is another great way to take yourself out of conflict. Arguing in
front  of children is going to happen and
yes in time it may affect their emotional wellbeing but by simply recognising
it, is a good step to start to find alternative ways which may prevent fights.
Yet please note if domestic abuse is a concern, you can leave. There are many
charities and organisation out there that fight and help against domestic

Some these techniques could prevent stress in the family
home, there are lots of techniques available out there but you could start with
ideas like planning your space. Perhaps you and your family could sit down and think
up a plan to who does what when. Maybe a cleaning schedule could help or
something as simple as kind speech to yourself and other family members for
example making it your priority to say ‘ good morning’ or appreciating a
thoughtful act.