Junk Removal San Fernando Valley

Van Nuys Junk Hauling Company, BumbleBee Junk was created
in 2015. Conveniently located on the border of Burbank, CA in Sun Valley, the junk
pickup company started with only a single pickup truck in a garage. It has since grown to
include a collection of junk pick up trucks,
trailers and pickups removing junk everywhere in the San Fernando Valley.

A veteran
junk removal company, BumbleBee Junk now also serves
Southern California from Monrovia to the east to Simi Valley to the north and as far away as parts of Ventura County to the west. Our expansion is the end
result of diligence and attention to customer satisfaction.
We always take that extra step and we
make sure we clean that formerly cluttered area before we haul your junk away.

junk removal van nuys

What step and repeat sizes are available?

While step and repeat backdrops can be made in any size, the most popular sizing options are: 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 8×15, 8×20,
8×24, 8×30, 8×32, 8×112.

If you just need to
have a small number of people pausing in front of your backdrop, sizes
between8x8 and 8×15 should do. However, if you’re going to have several people
walking the red carpet, pausing and answering questions at the same time, 8×20
and up will be more suitable and it will all depend on how big your event is.

Whether it’s to buy
or for rental, choosing the right step and repeat stand is also essential and you
have several options:

If you just want
something practical that will just hold your banner, you can select a metal
pipe and base frame. Not only this will do the job just fine but it will be
discreetly placed behind the wall.

If you are planning
to use your backdrop several times and at various locations, go for a
telescopic stand such as an aluminum expandable frame.