BTY is a unique blend of twenty botanicals recognized throughout the world for their appearance-enhancing and healthpromoting properties. Their combined synergy provides natural support to maintain healthful radiance, promote healthy aging, and reveal one’s intrinsic attractiveness. With a balanced daily diet consisting of highly nutritious foods, proper hydration, regular fitness activities and proper rest, one can experience the perpetual rejuvenation that can make life beautiful through a naturally elevated, healthier lifestyle.



Featuring innovative technology, the BEAUTY collection is powered by three trademarked ingredients that are exclusive to APLGO products.

The Acumullit SA technology allows the beneficial properties of our whole-food botanical ingredients to be preserved and enhanced: A state-of-the art extraction process triggers the activation of the botanical compounds so that nanoparticles of the active compounds can be isolated without other substances in the plant. This causes a thinning of the cellular membranes of the fruits, herbs and seeds. It also releases the botanical components like micro and macro elements, phytonutrients, bioflavonoids, organic acids and antioxidants, making them more bioavailable. The isolated particles form negatively charged nano elements, creating an activated mix of highly absorbable nutrients that fuel

our products.

MAJESTEM is a unique natural component that comes from the Leontopodium alpinum plant. The edelweiss cells of the alpine help this plant survive in extreme conditions. MAJESTEM™ allows you to rediscover your skin’s youthful glow as your skin brings forth its natural beauty.

Biofen helps to defends against harsh environmental conditions and free radicals that can disrupt healthy skin. It helps support and maintain the skin’s youthful natural tone, texture and beauty.

What Makes BEAUTY Unique


Our cosmetic scientists have been working on this formula for years to make it extremely smart. It supports maintaining healthy and radiant skin during the natural stages of aging by using high performance, natural active compounds.

Additionally, it contains only safe ingredients.


The entire BEAUTY line is exclusive to APLGO and is developed and tested for all skin types.


You’ll fall in love with our BEAUTY skincare collection, which will keep you feeling inspired every day. Some share they even enjoy displaying their products in their home as the packaging is very attractive.

BTY ingredient blend can help support:

– already normal skin, scalp health and hair vitality

 – immune response and cellular renewal

– body defenses against free radical damage

 – skin texture, brightness and maintain elasticity

 – skin around the eyes


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